“Sounds of the Spirit”
Studio Request/Talk Line: None Available
Format: Christian Contemporary
Victorville, California


#MondayMotivation @MaxLucado is LIVE on SOS Radio this hour! Tune in if you need a real lift! He's sharing some personal stories he's never shared before! Listen in at or turn on your #radio!

Did you know there is a difference between "absentee ballots" and "mail in voting?" -Scott

20 minutes with @MaxLucado always points you towards hope! We talked about beating isolation, loneliness and pain from your past. Watch here! - @Sherrold #ShareIt #FF #FollowFriday

N.T. Wright is a New Testament scholar and has written 80+ books. He explains how to embrace the value of lament when we're walking through tragic seasons of life! This is so rich! #Audio here! @ntwrightonline @NTWrightSays @UnbelievableJB @premierradio

Here's the link to where our radio stations are, or just download the SOS Radio app in your app store! It works great with bluetooth anywhere! @Joysalterego @Candace_bar @Joysalterego #thx

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