“Sounds of the Spirit”
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Format: Christian Contemporary
Victorville, California


Dads, you matter! Your influence on your kids affects their #faith in a bigger way than you realize. They have a 93% higher chance of following #Jesus if you get intentional.

Hope you have a great #FRIDAY! @RIMerideth - We love the work @CaridadCares does to help change the cycle of homelessness in our valley!

Scott Herrold (@Sherrold) is known for his interviews, and this hour, he's talking with #ChuckNorris on the show! Post your questions for Chuck right here and maybe Scott will ask him! Click here to listen LIVE!

Depending on the city, raising children costs about 15% to 30% of your median household income.

Love this perspective from Pastor Elvin Hayes at @championcenter! Let’s pursue unity this week and pray for all of our pastors making tough decisions!

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