“Faith Talk 1360”
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Format: Religious
Phoenix, Arizona


David was chosen to be the next King of Israel . . . but first, God had to grow him up. See how God did it on the next Leading The Way, today at 1pm!

Discover the modern-day relevance of your own role and position in the crucifixion of Christ. Today at 10:30am on In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley.

Have you ever stopped to consider YOU might be the reason your child misbehaves? Today at 7:30am on Focus on the Family, Parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman will uncover the root cause of whining, backtalking, and tantrums so you can transform your home.

Who is listening to Thru the Bible? How & why do you listen? E-Mail: On-Line: or call 1-800-65-BIBLE

The Bible Bus is headed to what looks like the wild west. Today at 6pm, we’ll witness a kidnapping (of Lot), a chase through the wilderness, and meet a stranger who comes out of nowhere to serve the good guys bread and wine. (And later? We find out that stranger is Jesus!).

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