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Format: Religious
York, Alabama


GNNradio is bringing Ravi Zacharias to Augusta, Georgia on Friday night January 17th at 7PM. This is a free event. Call us for more information 1-800-926-4669 extn 1

Flag Day in America! A day to reflect on our freedoms - especially the freedom to worship our God freely - and the high price paid to defend those freedoms!

Two quotes from Vance Havner: "Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing." and "We need men of the cross, with the message of the cross, bearing the marks of the cross."

GNNradio has a new station - we welcome listeners to WFAL 105.9FM Milner, GA. Covers an area between Macon and Atlanta, including cities Forsyth, Barnesville, Griffin. This station will play our regular programming. See for more information.

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