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Cullman, Alabama


Michael Hichborn with the Lepanto Institute and Christine Niles (Catholic Drive Time: Monday) https://www.pscp.tv/w/coubtjF4ZUVXeG9PckFPUVB8MUJSSmpCTmpPZFFKd_qtkQh-wMS8bgCMTf4bvyHivx3ddxPZRvf-u2vRl2kc

💥👉Lockdowns & protests across Europe.... 🤔Damian Thompson from the Spectator joins our "GRN Alive: Monday" radio show to give us the latest information... especially as it pertains to access to the Sacraments. 🤯🤔Bring a friend and join us! https://www.pscp.tv/w/copmXTF4ZUVXeG9PckFPUVB8MU93eFdWUlpsZG1KUXQmX_enBGLU6tmP0nV0qvW8zzXE6GR2gC7PJXYSUEVj

What is ‘The Great Reset’ and how concerned should we, as Catholics, be about it? Patrick Coffin joins us on GRN Friday to discuss. Plus, Msgr. Charles Pope tells us why we should ‘Be not afraid.’ https://www.pscp.tv/w/coZx4DF4ZUVXeG9PckFPUVB8MW1ueGVhTVZRZ2J4WB3nvvhEd3QBMqCtifOtgn32iDzXB8VPmlRkQDB0uEF5

☀️Good morning, Dr. Deisher is back on the show today (last time was May 4) and we are getting the latest briefing on the Pfizer vaccine. Bernadette Pajer from "An Informed Life Radio" also joins us, 👉 you should too. https://www.pscp.tv/w/coEr6DF4ZUVXeG9PckFPUVB8MVprSnplRGtkTWRHdgn_dPkuI3AfCLPEifsIbviEmvRpd0y7yvzjHmWhykUK

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