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We Must Live as Sojourners
Living as a sojourner is difficult. You’re faced with the decision when you wake every morning up to either live as a citizen of heaven or of the world. https://engagemagazine.net/starting-blog/worldview/we-must-live-as-sojourners/

Working At Arriving

The thrill of life is not in the achieving of the goal. The trill is in the working toward the goal. Overcoming the obstacles is where one finds true success. https://afr.net/podcasts/it-s-my-turn/2021/july/working-at-arriving/

The Left Is Using Fear-Mongering To Justify Excessive Spending On Their Agenda https://afr.net/podcasts/financial-issues/2021/july/the-left-is-using-fearmongering-to-justify-excessive-spending-on-their-agenda/

Dr. Alex McFarland and sitting in for Bert Harper, Jim Stanley discuss Galatians 6:11-18 and answer your Bible questions. https://afr.net/podcasts/exploring-the-word/2021/july/galatians-6-11-18/

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