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Stephanie Catherine Miller is an American liberal political commentator, and host of The Stephanie Miller Show. The Stephanie Miller Show is a liberal talk radio program produced in Los Angeles, California by WYD Media Management and syndicated nationally by Westwood One.
Born: September 29, 1961
Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Net worth: $2 million (


Charlie Pierce, politics writer for @esquire, joins us after the break to give us his thoughts about the massive failure we now know Trump to be, thanks to his tax returns. @CharlesPPierce #SexyLiberal #SexyLIbArmy #TrumpTaxes

Jody Hamilton, host of “From The Bunker” on the #SexyLiberalPodcastNetwork, joins us from her quarantine bunker after the break for the rest of the show! @fromthebunkerjr #sexyliberal #SexyLibArmy


Thank you SO much for the birthday wish, everyone!! Mama loves you ALL!! This was sent to me by Donna from, who set up all our hotel rooms for the Sexy Liberal Tour! #SexyLiberal

@StephMillerShow just want to wish you a very happy birthday 🎁🎂🎉 , and enjoy your special day today yay 😁. Can’t wait until to see y’all this morning on @freespeechtv. Also Brought a ticket for sexy liberal tour 4 since I work on the weekends. Can’t wait to see it!!

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