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About 12.9 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide—with nearly 569,000 deaths.

Here are the total number of cases by country:

📈 United States: 3,304,942
📈 Brazil: 1,864,681
📈 India: 878,254
📈 Russia: 726,036
📈 Peru: 326,326

President Trump shared a tweet from game show host Chuck Woolery, who claimed the CDC is lying about the coronavirus pandemic to hurt the president in November's election.

Poland's conservative president, Andrjez Duda narrowly won reelection Sunday — with the country's highest voter turnout since the country's fall of communism.

The Emmy-winning actress Laverne Cox is the executive producer of Disclosure, a new documentary on trans representation in Hollywood.

Trans people were on film as early as 1914, but often misrepresented:

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