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I continue to hope that some good will come from all this. #BenedictDonald is...

Reposting from right here on Instagram. Melanie was being #tasteless and #classless so the response will happen.

Hey GOP, want to see what “family values” really looks like? It starts with trying to minimize their pain and economic despair

Is it different when they are brown?

If you sit in congress and answer yes, then you need to be an #FTR

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If you’ve ever doubted that protests and civic engagement make a difference, be sure: they do.

On June 30, join a #FamiliesBelongTogether protest and together, let's force a modicum of humanity and decency on the Trump administration:

Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson has refused to dismiss a money laundering charge brought by Robert Mueller against Paul Manafort.

The ruling comes one day after she also denied a separate motion by Manafort to suppress evidence seized by the FBI.

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