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... @realDonaldTrump fired a colonel on Veteran’s Day Weekend for telling the truth.

Keep that in mind when a @GOP -er tells you they respect the military.

@katiecouric @ananavarro @nicolesandler please read and share about my friend, Julie. Angels walk among us, and sometimes even angels need help. xo

@francie57 @GottaLaff @raine1967 @Cathy47204163 @nicolesandler @RABBITISH1 @RCdeWinter @DearAuntCrabby @kelly_carlin @CLOISH I'm totally verklempt to be included, and with such brilliant, witty women! And here's a musical reminder of the importance of including women in the conversation:

Great @wendellpotter appearance on @amjoyshow today re #M4A. No love btwn Joy & me, but I was pleasantly surprised by her coverage too. Glad she's feeling better. Nothing like a serious illness to convince someone of why we need Medicare for All.

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