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The American people deserve answers from President Trump.

The House invited, and then subpoenaed, his top advisors.

The President ordered them not to show and continues to block key evidence from Congress.

A grieving family in Yuba City, Calif., is suing its local school district for failing to notify them that their daughter was contemplating suicide -- after a school official was alerted by one of her friends.

@JamieYuccas reports

Joe Biden wishes a woman in Elkader, Iowa, a happy 100th birthday and asks for her secret.

"Peanut butter in the morning and beer at night," she tells him.

On possibility of a debate stage of all-white candidates, Joe Biden tells @ABC News, "Obviously it's not representative of the Democratic Party."

"But you can't dictate who is going to be the nominee...who is going to be able to stay in the race."

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