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House Democrats will bring articles of impeachment against President Trump today — 77 days after the formal inquiry into the Ukraine affair began.

It is unclear how many articles will be unveiled and what the articles will outline, NPR's @DomenicoNPR reports.

House Democrats are expected to unveil articles of impeachment against President Trump this morning.

Paul Volcker, credited with taming inflation after taking the top job at the Federal Reserve in 1979, has died. He was 92.

In an interview with NPR, Joe Biden defended calling an Iowa voter a "damn liar" after the voter questioned whether he was too old the run for president and questioned his family's dealings in Ukraine.

"It's a fact: he lied. Period," Biden said.

A fire broke out at a factory in India's capital early Sunday morning, reportedly killing at least 43 people.

Many of the victims were asleep in beds in the factory, resting between shifts.

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