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It took Heather Martin, a survivor of the shooting at Columbine, 10 years to return to her alma mater.

When she did, she found connection once again.

Martin later founded the Rebels Project, which connects Columbine alumni with survivors of shootings.

"I was a ghost. ... I was just in a state of shock."

Siblings Lauren Cartaya and Zach Cartaya, survivors of the Columbine shooting, say they continue to cope with the trauma of the 1999 shooting.

Don McGahn
Jeff Sessions
Corey Lewandowski
Rick Dearborn
Reince Priebus
Rob Porter
James Comey
K.T. McFarland
Rod Rosenstein
Andrew McCabe

Meet the people in Trump's orbit who the Mueller report says ignored Trump's orders.

In her latest film, "Her Smell," Elisabeth Moss felt that the only mistake she could make "was not going far enough."

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