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This is Syed Vahid Tehami, editor of Iran’s Press TV. Much as Russia’s RT gives a Russian view of the news in English, Press TV gives an Iranian view beyond its borders. In recent months RT and Press TV have discussed coordination against the US. @MorningEdition @UpFirst @NPR

We took your votes (7,000 of them!) and picked out 100 of the funniest books.

Read them. LOL.

Chinese state media depicts the Hong Kong protests as riots funded by the CIA. China-linked social media accounts have flooded Twitter and Facebook with thousands of pro-Beijing posts and targeted ads.

Social media companies are now pushing back.

An exhibition in Washington, D.C., features some 75 works — paintings, photographs, videos and installations — reflecting on displacement and relocation. Many of the artists are immigrants themselves.

TV ads for cigarettes have been long banned, but e-cigarette maker Juul advertises its product.

Anti-smoking advocates are hoping to change that.

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