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Translation: "Privacy? We don't need no stinking privacy."

I do give Google credit for relatively early adoption of two-factor authentication. Security has been a high priority for Google.

Alexis Kramer@alexis_s_kramer

“Protecting the privacy and security of our users has long been an essential part of our mission.” -Pichai #googlehearing @blaw

I've driven a BEV, was very unhappy due to range anxiety. Now I have a plug-in hybrid and absolutely LOVE it!

Super high fuel mileage driving between SF and LA plus zero point emissions when driving in town on electric. Finding available charging stations is still a problem.


California is dominating other states in electric vehicle adoption

“@Google’s platform has also facilitated the spread and growth of copyright infringement, at the expense of legitimate content.” @RepJerryNadler #PlatformAccountability

Reporting the news should not cost anyone their lives or their freedom. Especially in the world’s oldest democracy. #TIMEPOY

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