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Some 70% of registered voters say they've been paying "very" or "fairly" close attention to the House impeachment inquiry, a new NPR/Marist/@NewsHour poll finds,

53% of those say they're more likely to support impeachment.

Cyber researchers say the Chinese chat app censors millions of messages in a given day and stores them with user info. NPR spoke to U.S. citizens who say their messages were blocked.

In the past, scammers have pretended to be business partners or CEOs, urging employees to send money for an urgent matter.

But lately, there's been a trend toward scammers masquerading as part of the company's supply chain.

Comedian and actor Jenny Slate began her career in stand-up, was drafted to Saturday Night Live — then was fired. The path that followed was uncharted.

This fall, she released her first TV comedy special for Netflix and a book of essays.

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