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Just hours after President Trump met with Vladimir Putin, prosecutors unsealed a criminal complaint alleging that a Russian graduate student conspired to act as an agent of Russia without registering under U.S. law.

Many @NPR stations will carry a live one-hour special, hosted by @NPRKelly in Helsinki and me in Washington, about today's extraordinary Trump-Putin press conference. Tune in at 8 ET, 5 PT. (That's 3 AM in Helsinki.)

Surfing for science. Researchers at @Scripps_Ocean hope to get more data from violent parts of the ocean - reefs and coasts - by recruiting surfers. Story on @npratc

"What does it mean to be Zimbabwean?"

The was the central question of a film competition in Zimbabwe.

"Being Zimbabwean right now, it means freedom, it means speaking out against injustices," filmmaker Nigel Ndlovu says.

Twelve Russian intelligence officers are accused of taking part in a sustained cyberattack against Democratic party targets and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

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