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When she worked at the U.N., Summer Brennan wore high heels almost every day — even when they made her fall. Her new book "High Heel" is an exploration of modern womanhood through the history of heels.

Jared Kushner’s attorney told the House Oversight Committee that Kushner uses private messaging apps and personal email to communicate about official White House matters — a violation of a law governing White House records and official policy.

A former top executive for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. says he left his job because of relentlessly harsh depictions of Muslims and immigrants in Murdoch's media properties, especially Fox News.

For people of color, "civility" is often a means of containing them, preventing social mobility and preserving the status quo.

Halle Butler's novel "The New Me" explores what it's like to work in a dead-end office job. Her story focuses on a 30-year-old woman named Millie who wanders from temp job to temp job and grapples with questions of ambition and adulthood.

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