The opportunity of BLM to change inner cities

Devin Thompson | Radio Haven

Black Lives Matters is a fairly new organization, and a very polarizing one.  It creates divisive thoughts just on the onset of hearing three little letters in succession.  Sad really, because it is an organization that is based on wanting to create a place for African Americans to feel heard about their everyday encounters as a minority in the US, but in reality, it is nothing more than a glorified safe space, and why is this necessary? Is their someone trying to purposefully hurt Black Americans?

Cops – Doubtful, cops do not set out on their day to say, lets kill some blacks and call it a day.

Whites – we have our own problems, trust me.  The economy is doing eh, and most of us are living paycheck to paycheck thanks to an abysmal Obama economy for the last eight years.

Mongolians – possibly, but my guess is they were too busy trying to affect the outcome of the last presidential election.

So who is in fact trying to harm blacks in America? Statistics point to other blacks.  I know, I know. You can get angry, but this is the big truth America. Whites are killed more by blacks than the other way around.  It’s true, look at the stats below.


It appears white people like to kill white people and black people like to kill black people. What is more disturbing is the fact that half of all murders that take place in the US are black victims when they only make up about 15% of the population.  That is huge.  Imagine, a population that is decimated by it’s own race at a hundred times more than any other race in the US.

What does this mean to BLM in the large spectrum of things. It means they have the rare opportunity to educate the minority communities of the US, and stop all the “hands up, don’t shoot” bull *RADIO EDIT*. Educating inner city youths, and adults on the facts that 90% of all murders happen at the hands of someone of their same ethnic background, and most likely someone they know.

Stop creating problems BLM, and help solve them.

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