Nikolas Cruz, The Media, and The Fallout for associating with the NRA


Devin Thompson

Nikolas Cruz is the villain in this story

On Feb. 14, former High School student to Parkland set off a fire alarm luring hundreds of students out of their classrooms so he could open fire with a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle. He opened fire on the unsuspecting students as they believed it to be another drill. He was able to murder 17 students wounding more than 14.  Cruz was able to flea the scene somehow even making stops at his favorite eateries along the way later being caught by police.

The fallout has been immense, the conspiracies have been wild, and the rhetoric tough.

Somewhere in the aftermath, the 19 year old who committed the shooting was not considered the villain, but humanized by the media.  I’m not exactly sure how he has been absolved, but news outlets have completely let this maniac off the hook (yes, I called him a maniac because that is what he is). Even calling him a maniac is considered faux pas.  Instead, the media has defended labeling this person (interesting, since the left loves labels), and they are humanizing this person.

Does this look like someone who should be humanized? This is someone who plotted the death of not just 17, but as many students he could possibly kill.  Not only that, he went to McDonald’s following the murders in a very nonchalant manner knowing full well he would not be eating their ever again.  This monster knew what he was doing, the NRA did not assist him, and he is the sole perpetrator.

Hollywood and the Media Descend

Not more than one hour after the Parkland shooting, Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, and other left wing propaganda “news” outlets began descending on an anti-gun narrative specifically directed at the NRA. It’s purpose, to direct all the anger from the shooter, and to use this tragedy to forward their agenda at abolishing the NRA.

Even though Nikolas Cruz had plotted, planned and carried out this despicable act; Hollywood and the elite left created the anti-NRA narrative within hours attempting to get as many likes on twitter as possible using emotion as their weapon. This is not a surprise as any conservative can tell you the left has used emotion in hopes of swaying anyone to their side, but make no mistake, they do not care about you or what you truly believe in. They just want the power, and the ability to shut down anything they appear to not believe in.

It’s Personal

I myself will admit, I do not like guns. My father is an avid hunter, and owns several of them. He also takes precautions, and locks them under key. He wishes I took interest in them, but I have absolutely no desire in ever owning, shooting or even being around those actively using them. That is my opinion, but my father loves his guns. He is very responsible, takes great care in protecting his family in a safe manner. He, like many others in this country are the example of gun owners, and those who are members of the NRA.

Monetary Fallout

Companies that have aligned themselves with the NRA have been quick to denounce members, and quickly pivot from ever being associated with them. I don’t believe I can judge their reason for doing so, the NRA is a pariah at the moment in a very large and emotional issue. Still, I believe the major fallout of companies such as Enterprise, Hertz, FedEx, Budget is nothing more then appeasing the SJW crowd. If they were truly concerned over the NRA, they never would have aligned with them in the first place. I find their lack of backbone disgusting in this witch hunt era perpetrated by the left.

Media continues to be FAKE NEWS

The Parkland High School shooting has shown the United States they can no longer trust such media outlets (although, they did this after the president won beating Hillary) following the obvious discourse of hate towards an organization that provides instruction to it’s members on how to handle guns in a safe manner.  This of course matters not to the powers that be, and instead of directing the blame where it should be, Nikolas Cruz, the blame for the deadly rampage laid squarely at the NRA.

There is a way to have civil conversation of opposing views on gun control, but as of right now, it is nothing more than rhetoric.

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