“Classical Wyoming”
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Laramie, Wyoming

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Lawmakers Will Consider Using Waiver To Reduce Health Insurance Costs: https://t.co/xFjNQl03Y0 #wyleg #ACA

Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent made the unusual decision to allow the release of a police video including a body cam that showed an encounter between a Sheriff's Deputy and a Laramie resident that resulted in the resident being shot and killed: https://t.co/mJk6uRgqr0

Democrats preparing to take over control of the U.S. House of Representatives in January are gunning for major battles on climate change and energy issues, which could hurt the economic gains witnessed in Wyoming this Trump-energy-era: https://t.co/KkSyjyKzJ7

Increasing Native American Representation At #UWYO: 'There Isn't Just One Answer' https://t.co/0Uf1khMWGv

On Wednesday, Defense Secretary James Mattis made a visit to Wyoming. He was there to witness the formal turnover of the Bells of Balangiga.

@maggiemlln was there for the ceremony in Cheyenne: https://t.co/dvyKlj3Gn9

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