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Last week a grand jury decided not to indict Albany County Sheriff's officer Derek Colling. In November he shot and killed 39-year-old Laramie resident Robbie Ramirez. The jurors found the officer's use of lethal force was justified: https://t.co/ZCzWBrNlkD

Companies are using technology to make bombing down a cold mountain faster, more fun, and way more comfortable.

And that's changing what used to be a pretty basic sport: https://t.co/ZHXUPsq2QH #mtnwestnews

The ski industry is an important economic driver in our region, but it's facing a lot of changes. Climate change, for one, is transforming ski resort leaders into activists and lobbyists: https://t.co/jnCSlrx1U2 #mtnwestnews

For the first time in the U.S., a uranium mine may soon be able to use an acid-based solution to commercially recover its resource. And the site is right here in Wyoming. It comes as a last resort for a company suffering under weak uranium prices: https://t.co/2TJvvkImAB

The United States' recycling is piling up in China, and now China says they don't want it anymore. It's also becoming more expensive to ship recycling from small towns. But the shift in the recycling landscape may actually be better for the environment: https://t.co/Xpt6URbTUG

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