“Classical Wyoming”
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Laramie, Wyoming


"We wanted to be able to start moving the conversation forward, start getting the industry better situated in Wyoming. So really, the end goal is to have a robust hydrogen economy in Wyoming." - @WYOENERGY

On Friday, the Wyoming Department of Health reported 107 new confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19: http://bit.ly/2vm7Dum #COVID19WY

Total Cases: 64,251
Active Cases: 802
Current Hospitalizations: 78
Total Deaths: 766

More than 34% of Wyoming has been fully vaccinated.

@WYPublicRadio is in search of a very special person to report on the Wind River Reservation. This was my longtime beat and I'm happy to chat if you have questions. Just DM me. https://www.cpb.org/jobline/Wyoming-Public-Media/WPM-Bureau-Manager-TribalRural-Bureau

Federal pandemic aid has helped a lot of industries recover from the pandemic, like airlines and live music venues. But now, loggers and timber haulers can get help, too.

@MadelynBeck8 from @KBSX915 for #mtnwestnews https://www.wyomingpublicmedia.org/natural-resources-energy/2021-07-23/timber-haulers-harvesters-to-get-federal-pandemic-aid

In a statement, Black Thunder said it is working closely with federal and state officials to investigate the incident and determine the root cause. https://www.wyomingpublicmedia.org/natural-resources-energy/2021-07-23/young-coal-miner-passes-away-in-tragic-accident

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