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In today's News Brief:

The remains of Brian Laundrie were found in a Florida nature preserve last week. Plus, out-of-state money is flowing into the primary race to unseat Liz Cheney.

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"A lot of times when things are really heavy, I'm in my room, singing and trying to figure out how to continue moving forward as a Black person in this country."

Listen now for @KnewJack's @treefortfest interview w/ the electric soul group @theseshen ⤵

"Uso esas esculturas como lienzo para contar historias sobre lo que está sucediendo ahora."

Una nueva exhibición que se inaugura en el Centro de las Artes esta semana se basa en artefactos precolombinos para comentar sobre la política de inmigración.

From famous residents to renowned festivals, Jackson Hole has deep cinematic roots. KHOL film critic Jeff Counts got an early look at a new documentary from some of our local film royalty and tells us if it lives up to their own Academy Award standards.

Miss the headlines this week? Catch up on Medicaid expansion polling, housing occupancy updates and efforts to protect the sage-grouse.

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