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“My generation called it ‘a bad date’ and this generation is refusing to accept that."

"This is a bill that gets rid of a program that we sorely need in our community." - Rep. Mike Yin
State lawmakers took action on two bills today that could profoundly affect Jackson and its housing crisis.

If there's one thing that unites people in the West it’s public lands. Nearly 10 years ago, outfitters, conservationists, miners and recreationists came together to protect the Noble Basin. A new film tells that story tonight:

In an unprecedented move, Jackson Town Council canceled its regular meeting on Nov 18 so council members can attend a legislative meeting in Cheyenne. That’s when state lawmakers will discuss a bill that could decimate Jackson’s affordable housing program.

This week Rep. Mike Yin-D, Jackson, will introduce a bill to legislative committees with major implications for the valley.
His legislation would tax second homeowners in Teton County.
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