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@Donald_Driver80 always finds himself back in Wisconsin. Why? Take a trip here and find out for yourself! Go All WisconsIN. Go All WisconsOUT. #travelwi

You can't see it or smell it. But it's naturally occurring; 1 in 10 #Wisconsin homes has high #radon levels. Protect yourself & your family by testing your home. Call a Radon Information Center for a test kit or visit http://lowradon.org to learn more. #RadonActionMonth

Don't let cost stand in the way of getting a cervical #cancer screening. The Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides preventive #health screenings to women with little or no health insurance coverage. Learn if you're eligible: http://dhs.wisconsin.gov/wwwp/index.htm
#CervicalHealthAwareness Month

Opioids & alcohol don’t mix. Even if you take #opioids as prescribed, drinking #alcohol could increase your risk of overdose. Get educated about the risks. Get #naloxone. Save the life of someone you love: http://dhs.wisconsin.gov/opioids/naloxone-faq.htm #HopeActLiveWI #StopTheStigma #StopOverdoses

#HopeActLiveWI If you are prescribed an #opioid painkiller, avoid drinking alcohol! Also,ask your doctor or pharmacist about #naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal drug. Anyone can accidentally overdose from opioids. Save a life. Get naloxone. Info at https://go.usa.gov/xV5VP

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