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I could barely sing Mary Had a Little Lamb at her age and this little girl practically nails "Bohemian Rhapsody." https://t.co/dRDBbyykXZ https://t.co/dRDBbyykXZ

Why should you buy Girl Scout Cookies...other than they're delicious. Laura Martens GSNWGL - Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes explains why. https://t.co/wYPGX7wpix https://t.co/wYPGX7wpix

Steven Spielberg is remaking "West Side Story" and cast 17-year-old, Rachel Zegler from New Jersey after her cover of Lady Gaga's "Shallow" went viral.... https://t.co/B76ONvhVpI

The Grammy announces their new host for their 2019: 15x Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys

https://t.co/ZEvGkai3NI https://t.co/ZEvGkai3NI

Looks like i'm not getting any sleep tonight! Mike Mathers WIFC https://t.co/1KwnCc0Hio

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