“B 102 the B”
Studio Request Line: (920) 451-2310
Studio Request Line 2: (800) 234-0937
Website: https://b93radio.com
Format: Country
Sheboygan, Wisconsin


Thank you Tucker and Brinnley!
Less than 90 minutes to go! We’ll need a strong finish to top last year’s record total.
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Matthew J is in the house! Jon hasn’t quite mastered Boomerang. Become a Parter In Hope: 1-800-399-5946 #ThisShirtSavesLives

The next 6 Partners In Hope will be entered to win an autographed Lee Brice guitar! Thank you for supporting @StJude kids, @leebrice!
Become a Partner In Hope: 1-800-399-5946

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Thank you to our amazing volunteers, we couldn’t do this without you!
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