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Sammy Hagar’s Top Rock Countdown
7pm-9pm EST
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Head on over to @ sbbcco on Instagram NOW for a live rooftop performance!! 🥂🥂 #SammyAndTheCircle https://www.instagram.com/sbbcco/live/

6:35 PM The Circle will be rocking this rooftop on the Las Vegas strip. If you are standing on the street in front of the #bellagiofountains . You will have a Birdseye view and we will be playing for you. after party next door at the #cabowabo #lasvegas #tonight #SBBCCo

“Those (Blue Angels) jets fly upside down and side-by-side at 400 miles an hour and there’s the noise and this rush watching them do all of these crazy thing.. then we get to come on & play music after that? Come on, that’s the best warm-up in the world.”

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House of Hair featuring Dee Snider
9pm-12pm EST
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In my humble opinion…
Dee Snider on Nirvana's Nevermind: Hair metal "deserved to be knocked off its pedestal" - https://goo.gl/alerts/AeRT4 #GoogleAlerts

Sorry I've been out of touch. I'm on an amazing vacation with @Suzette_Snider in Hawaii. Absolutely perfect except for the nine stitches in my foot. #storyforanothertime

Friday Top: 20 Greatest Moments in Metal History | Articles @ http://Ultimate-Guitar.Com - https://goo.gl/alerts/uBUqM #GoogleAlerts

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Nights with Alice Cooper
7pm-12am EST
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Coop’ll be on the Radio this evening doing the tough work of keeping you sane! You’ll get stellar songs by @officialqueenmusic, @ledzeppelin, @acdc and if you’re lucky @foreignerlive! PLUS he might take YOUR suggestions for #CoopersCovers! #classicrock #rock #NWAC (GettyImages)

Coop has the scoop on tonight’s Radio show! He’ll have a #CoopersCover from @krokusband, #ThisDayInRock featuring @davidbowie, new music from @dirtyhoneyband, tunes from @mrpeterframpton, @acdc, @ledzeppelin, @metallica and REO Speedwagon! TONIGHT on NWAC! (GettyImages)

Tune in and turn it up if you like Donovan, Boston, @gunsnroses, @aerosmith and bands like @anthrax and @disturbed doing covers! PLUS Alice’ll read requests sent to alice@nightswithalicecooper.com! All the rock & talk those other stations are afraid of on NWAC! (GettyImages)

On this #MondayMadness Radio show, Coop’s got #ThisDayInRock featuring @skynyrd, #CoopersCover from his own Hollywood Vampires and TRIVIA on @pinkfloyd! Then your favs from @ledzeppelin, @acdc, Alice in Chains, @therollingstones PLUS the nightly Beatles tuneage! (GettyImages)

Have a rockin start to your weekend by tuning in TONIGHT to Alice Cooper! You’ll hear @therollingstones, Black Oak Arkansas, the Sweet, and your requests sent to alice@nightswithalicecooper.com ! PLUS Alice’s stories about his favorite cities and gigs! (GettyImages)

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