“The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Website: http://www.wzum.org
Format: Jazz
Bethany, West Virginia


Tony Campbell - Jazz in front of Con Alma (change in time and place) https://www.wzum.org/jazzcentral-jazz-events-from-wzum/2020/7/4/con-alma-jazz-at-libations-market-i-hewrx-86rkb-44ybd

Jazz in a time of Care About Public Health https://www.wzum.org/wzum-in-the-community/2020/5/19/online-jazz-events-and-specials

Director Dr. Debra Bogen is taking additional mitigation measures to further stem the spread of coronavirus cases in the county. The new order calls for a one-week closure of bars, restaurants and casinos and the cancellation of all activities or events over 25 people.

Karrin Allyson and a stellar (mostly) Jazz Project on 100 years of Women's Suffrage in the USA https://www.wzum.org/jazz-blog/2020/7/2/karrin-allyson-and-a-stellar-mostly-jazz-project-on-100-years-of-womens-suffrage-in-the-usa

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