“The Classic Rock Station”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Website: http://wxcr.com
Format: Classic Rock
Marys, West Virginia


Some big plays in the 4th. Magnolia with their own long shovel pass TD making the score 22-14 over Tyler. #wvprepfb @MetroNewsPrep @RSNsports1

After Tyler gets the ball on a 4th down stop, they make a huge run for a TD - Magnolia still a head 15-14. #wvprepfb @MetroNewsPrep @RSNsports1

Magnolia with a FG to end the first half making the score 15 to 8 over Tyler Co. #wvprepfb @MetroNewsPrep @RSNsports1

Magnolia back on top of Tyler Co. with a TD, but another failed 2pt conversion - score is 12-6 with just over 2mins left in first half. #wvprepfb @MetroNewsPrep @RSNsports1

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