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WWLW 106.5FM
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Mount Clare, West Virginia

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Yes Please!!
Reese's just announced two new versions of their Peanut Butter Cups coming next month. One has extra peanut butter inside and replaces the top half of the chocolate with even more... https://t.co/nMsiwachny

A woman and her boyfriend in Newfoundland, Canada got into an argument back in July when the guy got in a fight at a Bryan Adams... https://t.co/3cmzZAcrDg

Sugar Rush with Bonnie Belles! Delivered today to Asap Medical Management in Buckhannon. We love bringing you these yummy treats!

What's the Most Embarrassing "Fact" You Believed as a Kid?

A guy with a knife tried to rob a cashier in Alabama on Saturday. The cashier pulled out a MACHETE and locked the front doors. After the guy broke the doors down, the cashier ran outside and used the machete to smash up his car. The whole thing... https://t.co/PNPEQyb37D

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