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Other People’s Problems: She got divorced last year and started dating Garrett 3 weeks ago. He just told her that he’s been sleeping at his ex-wife’s house to keep things normal for his son, including sleeping in her... https://t.co/9qXWf3k1Ej

A man in St. Cloud, Minnesota recently needed to get a liver transplant, and couldn't find a match with his family and friends. That's when he asked his ex-wife, who he'd been divorced from for 23 years. Luckily they'd remained friendly because of... https://t.co/OTDloBwfE5

A guy in Florida threatened a neighbor last week that he was going to, quote, "kill 'em with kindness." Then he stabbed another neighbor with a knife that had the word "kindness" written on it. He was arrested for aggravated assault and battery. https://t.co/34sqeSHuoU

Somebody posted video of a kid trying his best to avoid walking through a sidewalk full of water. He was inching along the bottom rung of an iron fence and was doing well . . . until a car on the street drove through a puddle and splashed him. https://t.co/4dAuZyyIiG

Someone on Twitter just posted that the cardboard flap on the top of the box has an actual functional purpose. You're supposed to fold it back . . . and use it as a place to put your ketchup. No Way! https://t.co/Yq1k0TS2k2

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