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Here are several cooking hazards you should be aware of before Thanksgiving. You can spread salmonella every time you touch, wash, or eat raw turkey . . . the safest way to defrost your turkey is on... https://t.co/VcTPIyzDms

New in theaters this weekend:
Mark Wahlberg and Rosy Byrne adopt three siblings in the comedy INSTANT FAMILY, the heist drama WIDOWS with Viola Davis, and the second installment of the Fantastic Beasts series, THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD. What are you... https://t.co/DCgvVcOuyU

A guy in Florida disguised himself as a very convincing woman last month to use a stolen credit card to buy a puppy. The cops just caught him yesterday and arrested him. https://t.co/QrlLvuXoYO

The American Farm Bureau Federation just released its annual study on how much it should cost to serve Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people this year. The total is just $48.90 for turkey, side dishes, and dessert . . . which is down 22 cents from last... https://t.co/lMFOzublK7

A guy in Texas was falsely accused of attacking his ex last year. He avoided 99 years in prison . . . all thanks to a SELFIE he'd taken at the exact time she said he attacked her. https://t.co/h2AqSW7PD4

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