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I remember watching Mary Lou Retton from Fairmont a year before she won Gold @ the 1984 Olympics and this young lady reminds me of her. Incredible !!!! https://t.co/bT3EV967hE

Attention friends - We care about you and your pet's well being so we alert you about a Pet Food Recall. Please make sure you do not have these in your home. ~Chappel https://t.co/Ssf7yEGSMx

Every month we’ll recognize a new Champion of Charleston from the greater Kanawha Valley on-air and through social media venues. Fill out the form below and submit a short summary telling us why and who you want to nominate. https://t.co/6vb7q44NRL

Nothing warms your heart like the smile of a child! https://t.co/v8xVx5UrK6

As heard on the Wolf Bowers & The Morning Wake Up with Chappel... https://t.co/sYgQiJC2kT

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