“96.1 KWS”
Studio Request Line: (304) 344-9696
Website: http://961kws.com
Format: Country
East Charleston, West Virginia

or play live stream here

Not the picture of Tim you were hoping to see? https://t.co/3kmuXEtsfK

Slow clap for our West Virginia GOLDEN TICKET Winner! https://t.co/EqwA41DxA3

Billy is about to go over the edge... Help us get him there! https://t.co/VHfKl6S0Zw

So why did the Turkey cross the road? ~Chappel https://t.co/gPMBf10EkG

Winner Winners!!! The Treasure Hunt is Awesome! Open until 5 this afternoon. We had a great time! See you on the Radio~Billy Brown 96.1 KWS

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