“C98 the Bull”
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Website: https://c98.com
Format: Country
Ripley, West Virginia

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For a closer at todays game with Ravenswood click on the link below. #VikingPride #BeatRavenswood... https://t.co/wIUFyNy6Tr

For a closer look at tonight home opener at Viking Park click on the link below. Catch all the action on... https://t.co/8VZ60yAhNL

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Ripley Boys basketball team on a great season. We truly enjoyed following this team around the state broadcasting your games. #VikingPride

Ripley 40 v Parkersburg South 69: 55-Caydan Keeler (Ripley) Made 3 pointer (3pts)

Ripley 37 v Parkersburg South 69: 22-Devin Gaines (Parkersburg South) Made 2 pointer (2pts)

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