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@lgbtqnation @glaad Only one rainbow matters during #Pride! That's why we are giving ours up to show support for the LGBTQ+ community! #OneRainbow

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HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! Wishing all of our listeners a fun and safe weekend!! 💥 What are you up to this weekend?

We thought we had heard every strange dating quirk in the book. But we’ve never heard about the strange thing one of our listeners did while she was out at a restaurant. It’s definitely a first for us...https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2020-07-02-second-date-kayla-and-nico-diary-date/

Yup, sure feels like it 😂|| Thanks girlsthinkimfunny for the laugh - @deannacruz @ MOViN 92.5 https://www.instagram.com/p/CBlrdeYFy7P/?igshid=jg6rf56zo85r

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