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But you can call him John

Today’s Phone Tap victim is getting a special but entirely unwanted musical message from her ex-boyfriend and Jubal is super stoked to be the one delivering it! https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2019-11-13-phone-tap-alysaaaaaaaa/

It's the only radio segment that's entirely calorie neutral... LASER STORIES! https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2019-11-13-laser-stories-november-13/

Its that time of year again! My favorite show! Jose's 6th Annual Thanksgiving Eve Comedy Bash! 2 shows at Tacoma Comedy Club @tacomacomedy and they are FREE. Both shows sell out fast each year so reserve tickets now at http://tacomacomedyclub.com

Brooke's husband did something unforgivable, Jose has an issue with globally-accepted rules of parking, Young Jeffrey is beefing with the shampoo commercial industry and Jubal might be a murderer? It's time share what's been on our minds this past week! https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2019-11-13-whats-on-your-mind-november-13/

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