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A 20-year-old California man was critically injured when he drove his Jeep off the top level of a six-story parking garage in California early Sunday morning, police said. https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2020-02-24-20-year-old-man-accidentally-drives-car-off-six-story-parking-garage/

"All I can do is thank God for the miracle, because I don't know how else this dog could have survived," the dog's owner said. https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2020-02-24-hawk-snatches-up-blind-deaf-poodle-but-dog-is-found-safe-28-hours-later/

In Care or Don't Care, Young Jeffrey has a hot stack of buzz-worthy news stories to read BUT we only get to hear them if we really care! If we don't care, they get banished to the trash forever. https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2020-02-25-care-or-dont-care-february-25/

Today's Phone Tap victim has been having trouble with meaningless bank fees so the bank manager calls him up to sort it all out. https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2020-02-25-phone-tap-bank-fee-pleasure-call/?1

Is Heather's husband a member of the Deadbeat's Poet's society? https://www.brookeandjubalradio.com/content/2020-02-25-awkward-tuesday-stop-writing-start-working/

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It's Week 4 of #SeattleBurgerMonth at @lilwoodys - and you need to experience this.

GO --> http://ow.ly/DkJ550yvMYT

I just signed up for the craziest trip of my life. Pray for me. — @OnAirJustin

More >> http://movin925.com/2020/02/24/justins-quest-across-morocco/



He might be from Scotland, but he loves to be called America's Sweetheart. Maybe you can bring him a cake at the show?

Win your @LewisCapaldi tix during #hashtagLUNCH (kicking off @ 12:20p) w/ @OnAirJustin all week!

Let's play "Two Truths & a Lie" w/ @OnAirJustin:

@theweeknd blocked me on Twitter, we're giving away tix to his show (your shot happens @ top of every hour), and nothing good happens after midnight.

*hint: we're really giving away tix*

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