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You have until Thursday to fill out your bracket and put it to the test against Brooke, Jubal, Jose and Young Jeffrey! Winner gets bragging rights and a follow on Twitter or Instagram!

One of our listeners made an EXTREMELY AWKWARD mistake, and now his best friend isn’t talking to him any more… He has to make things right and what better way to do that than with an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call! https://t.co/UtFNd9Wu6a

John put on his date's Yoga Pants and texted her a funny picture and now she wants nothing to do with him. https://t.co/UYLlFm6edn

My 2yrold loves swim class but struggles so much w the backfloat. I hold him as he flips & flops, half crying & feeling like he’s about to drown. He was struggling again pretty bad w hen suddenly he started shouting, “I GOT DIS! I GOT DIS!”....yes you do buddy. Yes you do.

Sssssssssssssspecial delivery from Jubal. https://t.co/jNQTqsz6Jm

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