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One of our listeners isn’t getting a call back after she debuted some terrible table manners during her dinner date. Get your elbows off the table and get your ears in gear for an all new Second Date!

Not only will today's Phone Tap victim be unable to pick up her car from the shop today, she may have become a landlord against her will.

We love a good glow-up 🥰
#2009to2019 #10yearchallenge
@JubalFlagg @Brookefox @hilariousjose


Anna Faris might MARRY Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger....could you be that cool with your ex????? https://t.co/b1JXQvNimJ

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I'm am deceased 🤣🤣🤣 the second date update is probably the funniest thing I've
heard on the radio in a WHILE 🤣 #SavageSarah #BrookeandJubal @BrookeandJubal

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If you listened to last week's #AwkwardTuesday Phone Call (about the girl being left at the alter on her wedding day) then you are definitely NOT gonna want to miss this BRAND NEW Awkward Tuesday Phone Call coming up next! 😉#BrookeandJubal

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One of our listeners broke an UNWRITTEN ETIQUETTE RULE at dinner, and it could be the reason she not getting a call back.. listen to your brand new 2nd date update NOW!

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