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8 O'Clock Question: Tell us about your CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER- Jaxon was sitting in the locker room at the Bel Air Country Club and when he turned around, sitting right there was James Garner and Jack Nicholson,...

Wasps and hornets are bad this year- at least at my house- so this video of ants attacking a wasp nest is satisfying; BUT, that said- I probably wouldn't want these giant ants around either!

Francisco Boni@boni_bo

Attack of legionary ants (also known as army ants or marabunta) to a wasp honeycomb. Impressive the level of swarm intelligence and collective computation to form that bridge.

8 O' Clock Question: What is the all time BEST MILITARY MOVIE? Jaxon chooses "Saving Private Ryan" and Roller says it's "Hacksaw Ridge".

8 O'Clock Question: If you could only listen to ONLY ONE ALBUM for the rest of your LIFE, which one would it be? Jaxon picks Billy Joel's "The Stranger" and Roller says (so hard to choose!) The Beatles, "1"....

Back in 1981, MTV was launched in an estimated 2 million homes. It started off with the words, "Ladies and gentleman, rock and roll." The first video shown was "Video Killed the Radio Star", by The Buggles . . . whose...

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