“Classical Music for Greater Washington”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Website: https://weta.org/fm
Format: Classical
District of Columbia, Washington D.C.

or play livestream here


Two of the three COVID-19 vaccines that have been authorized so far in the United States use synthetic messenger RNA, or mRNA, to protect against the coronavirus. https://to.pbs.org/39CO8OZ

#DowntonAbbey fans, rejoice: The sequel movie is not just official, it’s arriving this Christmas. @anibundel breaks down what we know: https://tellyvisions.org/2021/04/19/downton-abbey-2-announced-arriving-christmas-2021

NASA’s experimental helicopter Ingenuity rose into the thin air above the dusty red surface of Mars on Monday, achieving the first powered flight by an aircraft on another planet. (via @Newshour) https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/nasa-helicopter-ingenuity-successfully-flies-on-mars

Each Sunday night I've been watching #MyGrandparentsWarPBS on local station @wetatvfm. Tonight's episode dealt with Dunkirk, the Murmansk route, D-Day. A harrowing reminder of what people sacrificed to save lives and make a postwar world possible.


Josh O'Connor's first kiss with his partner did NOT go according to plan. 😂

"Romeo & Juliet" premieres Friday, April 23 at 9/8c on PBS.

#RomeoAndJulietPBS #PBSForTheArts

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