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Country music you have a problem on your hands. For the second year in a row your most coveted award, and ZERO female nominees. I do NOT believe in pandering to women just to portray some… https://t.co/uQgcoPFC52

Patiently waiting for @shaggy757 to come up with his #ConspiracyTheory about somebody messing with Zion’s shoe...

Umm...this isn’t true is it?? https://t.co/hMtEvjMkmE

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This Virginia police officer's motto: To protect and serve -- and then play dolls https://t.co/8vTzDSJEHw

Ariana Grande just became the first artist to occupy the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 positions simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart since The Beatles did it in 1964 https://t.co/Tz1U4O0wCa

Last song of the night has to go to the GOAT. The man who helped me get my job at @z104fans 18 years. A man that half of this music sh** would of never been real. So it’s only fair to end… https://t.co/DRFBf6A1qD

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