“The Wolf”
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Format: Country
Hartford, Vermont


Well, winter isn't done yet folks... freezing rain tonight and a wintery mix with sleet and freezing rain and another 5 inches of accumulation... be careful on the roads in the AM... #whereisspring #iwantwarmth

Thanks to everyone who has squeezed in a blood or platelet donation & helped saved lives during our critical need. If you haven't rolled up a sleeve, you're still needed to #GiveNow: http://rcblood.org/appt

Very cool! The New Hampshire School of Mechanical Trades is giving away a tuition for one of four incredible technician courses! #MondayMotivation https://nh1.com/sponsored/nh-school-of-mechanical-trades-is-giving-away-a-full-tuition-to-one-of-their-technician-courses-2/

ALERT: The #RedCross has a critical shortage of type O blood and urgently needs blood donors of all blood types – esp types O negative & positive – and platelet donors to help replenish the blood supply after the holidays. Make an appointment to #GiveNow: http://rcblood.org/appt

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