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Oh boy. A little break from the New Year's resolution? Today is National Fig Newton Day! A nice cold glass of northern NY and VT's finest milk and Fig Newtons and life is good. #CK

A Nabisco trademarked version of... https://t.co/nMjEcXoXM3

I dunno, if this thing came ringing my doorbell, I'm not sure I'd wanna open the door? How about you? #GiveMeARealDog #SarahSpencer https://t.co/HKZHIA0213 https://t.co/HKZHIA0213

TRAFFIC AT 4:16PM: Delays on Route-128 in Westford with a crash at the intersection of the Westford-Milton Road. #btv #vt

Live at the UVMCH with Walmart kickin off the Big Change Roundup https://t.co/Jp9PPslh1L

Please join us at WOKO to express your condolences on the passing of a truly remarkable creature. He served and sacrificed to make our world a better, safer place. Rest in Peace Colchester Police K9 Tazor. You will be... https://t.co/EQpdl0IeNr

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