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WCVT 101.7FM
“101 The One”
Studio Request Line: (877) 901-6101 or (800) 498-4877
Website: http://101theone.com
Format: Classic Hits
Waterbury, Vermont


TOMORROW on #WakeUp101, what's this "Mistress Day" thing all about? I'll tell you. Wacky Wednesday Website of the Week, Mid-Week Gripes, weather from Roger Hill ... get your hump day going on, get your music fix and get ready for a wild morning!

10 TIX left !!!! https://t.co/WzuRCosfnc @SprucePeak_Arts @ColdHollowCider @volklskis @VT_Distillers @alpineshopvt @NLGroup @101theone @WDEVRadio @pacificrecords @MinutemanPress @StoweMtResort @VailResorts @gostowe @HBStoweCenter @helendayart #onegreatnight #stoptheworld #vtmusic

Thanks JD Green and @101theone for having me this morning! @NLGroup and #dogoodfest tomorrow. Gates at 2:30 w @Phillips @serenaryder @SYMLMUSIC @caitlincanty on at 4pm!

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