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8 Places To Try During The Fort Worth Stock Show https://t.co/GzJWf5TN8E

He did it for Instagram. #TheyWalkAmongUs https://t.co/nSsRGUZ99y

That awesome feeling when you drive two hours to your daughter’s last 8th Grade pep rally and miss it.

When my daughter got her first phone I told her three things: if you act like you were born deserving it I will take it back, it's a tool not a toy, and it's a doorway. You can go out, but other things can come in. They have. https://t.co/RB6YBRbS5T

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What did we just watch?!?!?!?! https://t.co/1cBsn4Bzh6

Oh yeah, #JohnWick is taking everybody down in this one. https://t.co/bh93cuv6r0

Best news ever! #willowbend #plano https://t.co/WAmIVQsRCH

Bishop Briggs Reveals Her Emotional Response to Twenty One Pilots’ GRAMMY Win https://t.co/btMGlfmPwo

Wash Your Winter Wear Before The Freezing Weekend Ahead To Help Avoid Viruses https://t.co/jVgU0AbgpJ

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