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We're kicking off @LoudwireNights with a block of music from @MylesKennedy & his various projects. What does he get out of each creatively? Answers coming at 7pm. Listen on the FMX app: https://kfmx.com/app

It's gonna be an @acdc kind of night! @LoudwireNights starts rocking at 7pm. Listen on the KFMX app: https://kfmx.com/app

.@ZZTop is coming to rock #lubbock, Texas this fall. https://kfmx.com/fmx-welcomes-zz-top-to-the-buddy-holly-hall/ #zztop

The man, the myth, the legend,
joins us at 7 on @LoudwireNights. We'll get into the difference between being the star of the show vs. putting on the show, one of the greatest moments of his life + his new song 'Mend.’ Listen on the FMX app: https://kfmx.com/app

If you’re headed to see @CoreyTaylorRock in #Lubbock, Texas tonight, read this first: https://kfmx.com/rules-for-tonights-corey-taylor-concert/ #coreytaylorinlubbock #concertsareback

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