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.@TVext of
@badwolves shares some attention-grabbing thoughts. Is @Creed getting back together? And parents, how do YOU handle tantrums? Listen to @LoudwireNights tonight at 7pm on the FMX app: https://kfmx.com/app

Not sure how much you know about
@jeffscottsoto, frontman for @SonsOfApollo1, but he's an interesting man with an impressive musical past. Did you know he's a vocalist for @trans_siberian? We'll get into it tonight on @LoudwireNights. Listen on FMX’s app: https://kfmx.com/app

From @IamToniGonzalez: Today is #NationalCheeseDay. I love cheese + I love rock music. The attempts to bring together cheese and rock in (semi) cohesive breaks will be endless. Listen to @LoudwireNights at 7pm with the FMX app: https://kfmx.com/app

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