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They did the DNA test...and now @KrisKling & @BasementBart's results are in! https://t.co/twV5914P0r

These cheerleaders are suing the NFL for discrimination, but is it legit? Got former #Falcons cheerleader @nikkydwilliams on to give us a reality check about the rules...and what you're getting into when you sign up: https://t.co/tmqNz0b9HA

It's @PreciousDavi's birthday! Gonna play #QVCRoulette...but last time we did this (*ahem* yesterday), we got called OBSCENE and hung up on. Here goes nada... https://t.co/xf8MsRgadW

From car bras to sharing a three-way lady kiss after searching for a guy in the woods, these are some of our most absurd prom experiences...what's your WORST prom drama? https://t.co/wsy7wtaiBu

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @PreciousDavi!! My gift to you is the most flattering picture I have of the three of us.

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VIA @TheBertShow: These Cheerleaders are suing the NFL for discrimination...but are they really be treated unfairly, or did the know what they were getting into? https://t.co/JUSXffj9kX

Who is gonna score these @vancejoy tickets from me at 12:10? Will it be YOU?! - @HeyItsKage

WATCH: Let @JohnMayer show you how to achieve the perfect smokey eye! https://t.co/iIld27d6RP

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