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It was hard getting to my first million. Here's what you need to think about in order to get to your first million. Watch the entire #SteveHarveyStories series on http://SteveHarvey.com

No matter what happens, life ain't over. As long as God wakes you up, that means he ain't through with you yet. When God wakes you up, he has something for you that you haven't received. Every day you have the opportunity to make something happen.

Everybody wants two things out of life... success and happiness. Both are available to anyone who wants it. You have to change your MINDSET. Want to know the difference between successful people and non-successful people? YOUR MINDSET! God gave y'all the same thing he gave me.

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D.L. Hughley
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So #LADYANTEBELLUM CHANGES THEIR NAME because of RACIST ROOTS, to “Lady A”... but then turns around and SUES A BLACK WOMAN THAT HAS BEEN USING THE NAME “LADY A” FOR 20 YEARS?!? WTH IS THAT?? #TeamDL… https://www.instagram.com/p/CCd-Aw5nZTE/?igshid=bmh66sbmfkvn

Next Week on @TheView: @amyschumer, @khloekardashian, @jacobsoboroff, @TiffanyDCross, @RealDLHughley, Latest Hot Topics & More. #TheView July 13-17 https://bit.ly/2CgGgFl

I hope white women will help us change America in 2020. But so far I'm not counting on it. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/07/10/black-women-2020-election-need-white-women-allies-column/5398311002/ via @usatoday

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