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Don't let the pressure of Thanksgiving dinner get to you. Learn 11 tips to stay stress free this Holiday at https://t.co/tm9NzfU3n3

If it hurts to walk then you need to watch this video. Stacey shows you calf stretches that will increase circulation and ease the pain. Watch more #StretchingWithStacey at https://t.co/lpBieLhRSK

I asked this woman "name a reason you'd like to see Steve Harvey perform at Chippendales" and the answer made her husband blush. 🤣 Watch at https://t.co/OewIHLaRQ4 #FamilyFeud

In honor of this past Veteran’s Day I've decided to help this veteran find the man of her dreams. Watch more dating #SteveTVShow clips at https://t.co/3Np9gPb1Sm

.@ArsenioHall and I went to college together but now he's schooling everybody on #HarveysHundreds. 😂 Download the game from The App Store and Google Play.

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DL Hughley
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Chipotle fires St. Paul restaurant manager, retrains staff after viral video showing employees refusing to serve five black men. https://t.co/WyoBU35Q6X

Someone should tell Trump that he’s in charge of most of the forest management in California https://t.co/FPWF92CBsL

When #HipHop had #aMessage #Facts #DidYouGetTheMessage #TheMessage #GrandmasterFlash #SaturdaySermon #ItsSaturday #Classic #ClassicHipHop #UniversalLanguage #Music #EGGC #EddieGriffin #GodsChild #OneTimeForYourMind

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