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Can you help me blend in at my husband’s church? This poor girl was having a hard time fitting in at her Black church... You know I got her all the way together! Watch how it all went down here https://t.co/bpSH7qRXxr

The Talk's @SherylUnderwood can't stop chatting up the #HarveysHundreds app! Download the game from the App Store and Google Play now https://t.co/OHwTOvxYYX #Sundayfunday

You have to expose yourself to better things if you ever hope to achieve them. Watch the full #Motivated on https://t.co/WeMbVWYmZV #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation

I took a trip to Africa a few years back and trust me, those jungles are scarier than anything I saw in the hood. Watch the full #saturdaynight #comedy clip on https://t.co/hTUq5JvhoD

You can't look sharp if you've still got old clothes hanging around. Find out how to purge your closet the right way at https://t.co/rchW9mRHsa

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