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Rumors that Adele has bought a new house in Las Vegas are circulating around Twitter, bringing excitement for fans who believe the superstar might be getting her own residency.
https://hot1047.com/an-adele-residency-rumor-has-it/ #adel

Good news! It looks as if the temps will begin to cool down into the 80's starting this weekend. Just in time for the next big fun event, the Great Plains Zoo has planned for the summer.
https://hot1047.com/expedition-zoofalls-an-awesome-event-for-animal-lovers-in-sioux-falls/ #zoo #greatplainszoo #siouxfalls

There was a lot of time travel, multiverses, and Marvel Cinematic Universe mythology in Loki. But when you strip all that surface away, what you see is that Loki was really a show about a person caught in a loop.
https://hot1047.com/discover-lokis-hidden-meaning-in-this-video-essay/ #Loki

To all of you under 35 years old you probably won't get this. But to all of us 35 and over, tomorrow is literally the day from Super Mario Brothers where the sun tries to kill you. High of 98 today and 102 degrees tomorrow. #hydrate #shade #wewillstillbeworking /802

It's gotten so bad that we set a new record for losses to scammers in 2020 with Americans giving up more than a billion to bogus activity online.
https://hot1047.com/where-does-south-dakota-rank-among-the-most-scammed-states-in-america/ #SouthDakota #scam

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