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Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @CJBakerySD free food, don't call it a comeback, hide and seek, "The" OSU axed, 1K for local, Friday the 13th, $$ for vase, bathroom visits on planes, NZ beer guy, fast cars, distracted driving, nice girl, asleep in dumpster & more!

Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: KGC Trivia @ 7:35, coffin couple challenge, fight traffic ticket, waste $ on FB, aliens exist? Taco Bell veggie menu, creeps will creep, fake news, homeless smash, cold burgers, burning down the house & more!

I was 10. I was in 5th grade in Mrs. Rogers classroom. We looked up in an encyclopedia what "World Trade Center" was. I went home and saw it on TV. It was a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I'll never forget that day and neither should you. Never forget that day.

Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: We remember 9/11, true love, shamrock shakes, KFC video game, new phone, more tech in home, naps are big, exercise is massive, taco editor, Billy Bass returns + don't sleep in my spot & more!

Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: 74 y/o gives birth, the Zoo in NE, cold fries, Tesla driver, mouthwash workout, @WhiteClaw shortage? big Starbucks, 'Russian Atlantis' , lemon sniffer, bathroom doors removed, gas neglect + visit every coffee shop & more!

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