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Aberdeen, South Dakota

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Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: BBD giveaway, #GameOfThrones free zone, no SL debts, woman poses as sheriff, facial hair championships, b-day present, asleep DUI + he shed/she shed giveaway details!

Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @CJBakerySD free food, Chris Rock & Saw, baby shark, vodkie joke, taco hotel, real fast plane, pool/shower, picture and fate, dead but still drive + too much fast food.

Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: KGC trivia at 7:35, the joker, lucky couple, quiet mode, poppy seeds = drugs, wash your legs, marriage question, cheeseburger slap, coco-nuts & more!

Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @WylieThunderRd tix, Kimmel re-ups, Disney takes Hulu, break from FB, Dominoes za, MILLENNIALS are idiots, naked hoopster, carpool guy + steak in pants

Today w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @WylieThunderRd tix, promposal, expensive coffee, rage yoga, name: Tesla, anger hurts, Oreo flavors, spider in car 2.0, bedroom cinema, baby for sale & more!

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