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Aberdeen, South Dakota

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Wednesday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @WylieThunderRd tix? #Manifest canceled, talking in your sleep, cicada pizza, it's the burritos fault, white your teeth, @Cinnabon protein drink, landmark knowledge, overly nice breakup text, best years of your life, guests must spend $400 + 👍states

Tuesday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: Lamborghini's for all, cats in the walls, good news 4 winos, new @Pringles, female Hitch, rare plastic bag, weird Father's Day gifts, grilling for Father's Day, America's favorite veggie, used night stand, fun/least fun states in US + choco-cov cicadas

Monday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @WylieThunderRd tix? 16y/o entrepreneur, @netflix merch, whale eats man, veggie that prevents hangover, long lashes, couple needs to end it, hit age 30? lose these things, we judge others on XYZ, hitman payment plan, stuck in a chair + #FlagDay

Friday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @CJBakerySD free food, Yelduz tickets, homeless man swipes cats, Radio bursts in space, trapped in farm equip, stolen vehicle, Jason statue, here comes the bride (iPhone), gimme a happy meal, recipe for weekend, no pants gal, SD's candy + swearing more

Thursday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: KGC trivia at 7:35a, Yelduz circus tix, headbutt by whale, guilty nun, birthing 10 kids, rideshare companies, twins share boyfriend, another gender reveal, sick day (at the bar), I'd rather text, hangry states + another lauriel v. yanny / the dress

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