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Aberdeen, South Dakota

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Friday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @CJBakerySD free food, the naked FL man, has to be a UFO, everyone coughs, great grandma, just keep swimming (swimming), brain stimulation, @YouTube accounts, buttergate is a thing, plastic straw on ebay & local notes aplenty!

Thursday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: KGC trivia @ 7:35, Synergy Twins tix, buncha spiders, ice swimmer, you must floss it, @rootROOTroot really wants @dunkindonuts now, tik tok tattoo trends, crazy FLA man, crazy Oklahoma man, can't we just change the map? (lol) & much more!

Monday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: FLA man & gator, food in pants/purse, SUV in lake, beer diet for lent, Columbia University teacher, cocaine corn flakes, 100% dragon man, worst dad ever, upset FLA man & fire, date night ideas, double masking, fake a kidnapping for work + #MargaritaDay

Monday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: @CJBakerySD free food FRI, snowblower issue, take it all off, bears under the house, man helps snake, edible holograms, leggo my eggo, @jamesonwhiskey & St. Patty's Day, 5 nights of sleep, two way glass, fire the snow, just to travel again + dog owners

Thursday w/ @DavidTukesbrey: KGC Trivia at 7:35a, golden globes, shoplifting spree, 'help' in the sand, @McDonalds orange Hi-C, wind gust = baby, candlelit bath time, stealing rings for a gf, #DrinkWineDay, Caffeine & the brain, Krackoff vodka & much more!

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