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Kevin Hart surprises everyone and helps a lucky audience member win big on #HarveysHundreds. His excitement is ELECTRIC! Play at home, just download the app from The App Store and Google Play here: https://t.co/OHwTOvxYYX

There are many health benefits to cussing... Handling a rude coworker is just one of them. 😂 Watch more #RollingWithSteveHarvey on https://t.co/lpBieLhRSK

.@ArsenioHall and I went to college together but now he's schooling everybody on #HarveysHundreds. 😂 Download the game from The App Store and Google Play here: https://t.co/OHwTOvxYYX

Believe that you have the POWER to make your dreams real. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Watch more motivational videos on https://t.co/lpBieL0gua

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Upstate Heat are the number one team in the WBA with the victory over the Court Kings from Confers, Georgia they are now 6-1.

The Upstate Heat battle the Conyers Court Kings tonight at the Anderson Recreation Center.

This is Snap Williams host of the Snap Comedy Show coming to WLAS Labor Day; Don't miss it!

What is up with the Travon Martin verdict? Justice or what? Call in and share your views and opinions (864) 224-1385.

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