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Anderson, South Carolina

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Live your life with an expectation of great things to happen. You've made it through everything you didn't think you wouldn't make it through. The key is to not focus on the negative, don't allow your mistakes to bury you. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://t.co/sVmRtnBwo0

Stephanie is excited to play #HarveysHundreds! You'll be excited too - with our updated Harvey's Hundreds app, you can play too. It's fun for all ages and puts a new twist on our favorite game. Download it here: https://t.co/OHwTOvxYYX

When that direct deposit hit 🤣😂😂 BUT not me, give me a physical check! I need to touch my money! Drop a #FridayFeeling gif holla at your man Steve Harvey!

Audition for #FamilyFeud with your family in New Orleans, LA on November 23 & 24 for a chance to win up to $100,000 and a brand new car!!! 💰🚘🎥 Visit https://t.co/NH6kL2Eiiy to apply!!! #SteveHarvey

My wife told me to watch my mouth around the grandkids. I guess I should've listened 😂😁🤣 My grandson, Noah tried to repeat a cussword after hearing me on the phone, but he left out a few letters 😂😁🤣

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