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Hulk Hogan warns BTLS about hanging out with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Sean Waltman 26th Mar 2010

@JonMarvel @BTLSRadio @HulkHogan Here's some old school shit - I think around 2007. Been wearing this for 10 years.

@BTLSRadio @HulkHogan The one thing I can say about the clothes Bubba sells - they last. I have 3-4 that have been worn for 10 years now. Including time in Afghanistan. The stuff is well made.

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We're raffling off the autographed Halestorm guitar this Saturday bohemianbull for The Hurricane disaster fundraiser! @ Charleston, South Carolina https://t.co/v5y1A0guSW

We've gathered a list of organizations accepting donations for #HurricaneFlorence. Is your business accepting donations or do you know of one? Respond here and let us know! #Charleston https://t.co/jBEtNEJOxB

There is still time to evacuate your home to a nearby shelter as #HurricaneFlorence approaches. Read our most recent post for evacuation shelter information. #Charleston https://t.co/GO1fRoeBCS

Listen with us live and on the go. Thanks to our emergency broadcast facilities at TV2, we will remain on the air under ANY severe weather conditions so we may provide the most extensive updates through any severe weather. #Charleston https://t.co/TxKQKgf5NX

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