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#BubbaArmy and General @CTP_TEX please RT:

I've amended lawsuit to include all the trolls picking on me with meansie Tweets & posting on my #Twitch chat. This freedom of speech bullshit has to end.

I'm trying to hire another family member for my 'internetly' syndicated show too

Hey #Bubbaarmy,
1040AM wanted me to pay them $500 more per month to be on their channel. As you all know I am broke and can no longer pay to be on air.

You can find me on the corner of Nassau and Sherrill St. Begging for change.

My damn microwave in the trailer broke. How am I supposed to heat up my Hungry Man meals?

#BubbaArmy check out my Amazon wishlist and buy me a microwave and some other packrages.

My Psychiatric Assessment:

I'm an obese cuck with zero point zero redeeming qualities. I'm obsessed with people in my industry that are more successful than me. My entire show for the past 8 years is blaming others for my problems.

-Bubbles Clem

Worst #Easter ever. My Turkey TV dinner was over microwaved and @tuddle didn't bring me left overs. #TrailerLife #BubbaArmy

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