“Star 99.7 – R&B and Old Skool”
Studio Request Line: (843) 972-1145
Website: http://star997.com
Format: Hip Hop and R&B
Charleston, South Carolina

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The party don’t stop!! Star 99.7 running the city !! Belinda Parker keeping the party jumping ! https://t.co/iBqwlT0IE2

Alicia Keys got some competition!! Biggest party on a Friday Night only at EAST COOPER DISCO with Savannah https://t.co/RvKHJ9Ou2o

Karaoke night with Savannah ALL THE WAY TURNED 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 https://t.co/rHERGWnCgs

This Maya Angelou clip about RESPECT is sparking controversy across the Internet today! Was Ms. Maya Angelou too harsh, or did she have every right to tell that young lady how she wants to be addressed? https://t.co/W9ezbQZLgN

In an upcoming episode of Hot Ones... Shaq can’t take the heat! Could you eat these Spicy Hot Wings or not? https://t.co/G5WiG3E9WL

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