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The Rise Guys
Gahlay! Matthew “Mattman” Harris has been a fixture on the radio in the Carolinas since 1999. But before that, there was Poe Mill, Marrrrrrrry, Diddy, the 1 win football career at Wade Hampton, some time in Clemson, being a porno mag delivery guy, & a year or 2 at Greenville Tech, before ultimately deciding radio was his career path. (

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Is December 1st too early in the season for a Christmas party?

Happy 1st day of school! @OhMaffew & @nueve are ready, are you? 👨🏼‍🎓👩🏼‍🎓 #YeahThatGreenville #firstdayofschool #TheRiseGuys

.@WWERollins vs @HEELZiggler was an instant classic! #SummerSlam

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Nine aka Jimmy aka Electric Jimmy has been here for a long time. He first started at the Planet when he was 17 and he’s been here ever since. It remains the only job he’s ever had in his life.Nine grew up in Poe Mill, one block from Mattman’s childhood home. On the mean streets of Poe Mill, they called him 2XL Pac because he chose to eat his way through the struggles of a bad neighborhood rather than fight.Nine never even attempted to go to college, so at least he didn’t drop out. Show MoreHe was sent to a private Christian school as a kid, then home schooled after elementary school. He claims to have taught himself. Haters doubt him, but anybody who ever met his mom believes him.By the time he was 16, Nine weighed 432lbs and was basically fat as blank.He’s lost over 200lbs since he had back surgery a couple years ago and he is still losing weight because he got into all this natural hippie stuff and healthy food and home made soap.Nine lives with his fiancée, the woman he ultimately credits with saving his life, and two dogs somewhere far, far away from Poe Mill. Well, Piedmont. Lateral move? (

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Congratulations To My Beautiful Daughter Queen Charlotte At SummerSlam. A Tremendous Performance On The Big Stage Once Again. SmackDown Women’s Champion! WOOOOO! #summerslam @MsCharlotteWWE

“Finn Balor’s alter ego is here!” is a lame sell when you’ve been featuring THE DEMON KANE even as he campaigned for mayor, but people don’t typically have the same respect for an idea born elsewhere. I need some logic with my fabe, tho.

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Paige was born on the military base in Beaufort, South Carolina, and raised in California. She began her radio career as a DJ at KSUH, California State University Eastbay. There she auditioned and got her own radio show. Instantly, she fell in love with life behind the mic. Before graduating, she took an internship at KTVU Fox Channel 2 in Oakland, California, where she was quickly promoted to a segment producer. Meanwhile, she was also working in the Bay Area as a freelance reporter and commercial actor. Show MoreAt that point in her life, Paige’s dreams were cut short, after finding out that her Grandmother had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Paige knew that she had to return to South Carolina to be with her Grandmother. Once she was settled in Greenville, Paige still desired to become an on-air personality and accepted a job working as a producer on the Russ Cassell show on WORD. She learned a tremendous amount from Russ and credits him- as one of her mentors. Paige set her sights on bigger things and took a job at 93Q Country. There, she landed the opportunity she had been working toward since her early KSUH days; to host and produce of her own radio show. Paige was hired to help launch 93.3 the planet. It turned out to be the best job in the world! (

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FatBoy is the Producer of The Rise Guys Morning Show. Both born,1983, and raised in Easley S.C., Fat Boy is living proof that some of your dreams can still come true if you quit high school and get your G.E.D. because let’s face it, there ain’t a whole lot he sticks with for longer than five minutes anyway; well, except for his wife… and this job somehow.
Show MoreHe’s in his mid 30’s, married, and has been known to say, quite a few times we might add, that he’s counting on his thirteen year old son to be a famous athlete so he can quit work and retire early; so if you hear Fatty yelling at his kid during a basketball game just know that there is a method to the madness, HIS LAZINESS.FatBoy has won ZERO industry awards, and feel free to put that in your magazine if you’d like, AND.. we don’t see any in his future. He is responsible for all things audio on the show, except for Nine’s Best Damn, as well as booking guests, and in his words..”running the BLANK out of the TRG office, with the biggest desk, and nicest telephone”.FatBoy has never been recognized for his Sports reporting abilities, though he does the sports segment on the show, but clings to the fact that one of his twitter followers is the great Aaron Rodgers himself, though they’ve only messaged briefly and have never met. Fatty is notorious for being seen around town in various fast food establishments and despite some reports he usually doesn’t mind posing for pictures and talking with P1’s… just make sure there’s a bag of food in his hand first.Though FatBoy claims that he WILL lose 100 pounds, he’s still technically morbidly obese as of the time of this writing. Contact him today at (

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Jeff Lewis Neal
Assistant Producer-The Rise Guys Morning Show

Jeff Lewis Neal, born Jefferson Furman Neal Jr on December 2, 1980 here in Greenville, SC. Before stepping into the radio world with The Rise Guys Morning Show, Jeff was an accredited student, you wouldn’t be able to tell lately from hits to the head, where he was awarded the “Who’s Who Among Americas High School Students” award for his scholastic achievements as well as playing football, baseball but excelled in amateur wrestling. His father, Jeff Neal Sr was a football and wrestling coach at Wade Hampton High School where he coached a young Matt Harris and that’s where Jeff and Matt met for the first time. Little did they know that years later, they would be on the same morning show together. (
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Whatcha gonna do brother hulkhogan #jln #ichiban #hulkster #hulkamania #trg

Wtf did I get myself into?! #jln #trg #dirtythursday #legos #jenga

Myself against WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton of The Rock n Roll Express. Always fun to wrestle with Punky. #jln #halloffamer #wwe #instantclassics

Going retro today with the Classic NnWo shirt. Good times on #workerbrotherwednesday #jln #NnWo #2sweet

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Give it up for @Fatboy933! He lost 2.7 lbs this AM on his weigh-in!
Let's celebrate with a new #FB100 parody song AND music video!?!

Congrats to @MsCharlotteWWE Flair on winning her 7th Women's Championship at #SummerSlam! #CharlotteFlair

What is normal?
What is mainstream?
Neither exist anymore according to @nueve

Today was the big weigh in for @Fatboy933 in his journey to lose 100lbs! But also jumping on the scales, @OhMaffew @nueve & @JeffLewisNeal. You might find the results shocking! #FB100

LISTEN here:

.@OhMaffew doing his Monday dance 🕺🏻🕶👖LOLz provided by @nueve

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