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North Charleston, South Carolina

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Have you taken the #FloridaManChallenge? @TheBertShow has, and they’ll reveal what they found RN! Wanna share yours? Call 1-855-BERT-SHOW to be a part of the show on @95sxHitMusicNow

Who stresses you out more: your husband or your kids? Call 1-855-BERT-SHOW to chime in! RN on @TheBertShow

Congrats to Michelle of Ladson who gets to meet @findingfletcher in our #ExclusiveListnerLounge! 😎🎶 FLETCHER’s just been on @FallonTonight & was on @TODAYshow yesterday! Win your tickets with @SparkleSpice at 12:25 on @95sxHitMusicNow

95sx HitMusicNow@95sxHitMusicNow

@findingfletcher will be in Charleston on Monday!!! 🤩 Today is the LAST DAY to win tickets to her private show in our #ExclusiveListenerLounge 🎤😄🎶 Win yours in 10 minutes on @95sxHitMusicNow

She needs help texting her “best friend” because she wants to start going out with her ex and wants her blessing! 😳😳😬😬🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ The backstory RN on @TheBertShow #TextingTutor

Sometimes the BEST motivation is to have a humiliation as a consequence. Well, @KrisKling wants to help people get something done. 1-855-BERT-SHOW #MotivationByHumiliation RN on @TheBertShow

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