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We want to you win this money!!! But you can’t win if you don’t play! #4KaDay - 4 chances to win $1000 all day today! Get the national keyword in MINUTES! Listen for it on @95sxHitMusicNow RN

You can find out unexpected things after you take a DNA test! 😮Sometimes, it’s really bad! 😳 This listener’s life has been changed FOREVER and has no idea what to do about it! Hear what’s going on RN on @TheBertShow

She noticed that she’s not getting invited to any of the neighborhood parties! So she’s getting @TheBertShow to help her text her best friend to find out why! #TextingTutor RN on @95sxHitMusicNow

Since @KrisKling has the power, she’s flexing 💪 Kristin is allowed to give show ideas and @BertShowBert can’t say NO! 😆 We’ll find out if rap is dead RN on @TheBertShow #KristinClusterFOfTheWeek

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