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Workers from the BMW Road and Rail Services enjoy their presidential fast food meal from Bill Love! https://t.co/D4pBKXWdO4

Congratulations Tim Bethea and BMW Road and Rail Services! They were treated to a presidential meal by Bill Love, fast food from McDonalds, Chick-fil-a, and Skins!

She: Why are you so dressed up?
Me: I have an appointment with the urologist.
She: What does that have to do with it?
Me: ?????
#badjoke https://t.co/XciNPkDxZm

103.3/95.9 Earth-FM WRTH welcomes Reggie Jackson "Action" Jackson as he joins the Earthling Family! #EarthViewTraffic! #BaptismByFire #ThrowingHimToTheWolves #GoTime! https://t.co/T6yroxoTpP

Lee Alexander takes it quite well as Craig Debolt shares the news that its sleeting. He doesn’t believe him. https://t.co/koEAf75G6t

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