“Earth FM”
Studio Request Line: (844) 880-WRTH (9784)
Website: http://earthfmwrth.com
Forum: Classic Hits
Greenville, South Carolina

or play livestream here


This is the video we talked about this morning on Love in the Morning! It's Weezer. Covering Toto. With...Weird Al playing the lead singer, in a copy of the singers outfit... https://t.co/kzQfiB3fg1

Craig Debolt checking out a new #EarthFMCam angle for Bill Love for his morning sketches and bits during Love in the Morning! https://t.co/eM2FjZBGhk

What is your favorite song by a One Hit Wonder? https://t.co/Yy8Rng1kqJ

Here is a first-hand look at the flooding that is still threatening our state coastline. Please consider donating or volunteering! https://t.co/D63OolLUva

Amy Heider on Earth Fm on #Alexa! https://t.co/aojwi6LOOS

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