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Goooood morning, #Earthlings! Here's your morning #earworm! https://t.co/9QT8XqwVs8

Happy Friday the 13th...it's all going to be good things today on Earth FM like Lunch with Lee from noon until one as I get soulful again and play some of the top soul songs of the 1980's, so tune in and enjoy the show....

And epic U-Haul fail! When a motorist pulls up to warn... watch what the guy pulling the U-Haul does! https://t.co/tnQKqhG6jJ

With more on why I-85 was shutdown (and continues to be southbound) in Anderson County, here’s WSPA 7News :

Emergency crews stabilize... https://t.co/VDPqFYRSd3

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