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Aiken, South Carolina

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Let the Kicks Wake Up Krew know why you’re excited for the weekend! https://t.co/dR2ZfYOZtW

#TeeOnKicks #MarenMorris #GIRL https://t.co/AaKR9muZfg

Have y'all heard her new single? "Girl" by Maren Morris debuted today on Kicks! Head on over to our website to see her special message to you listeners! https://t.co/R0C6s0Ff1o

The Kicks Wake Up Krew needs your help! https://t.co/5aSjdOj2Ym

ICYMI: The Kicks Wake Up Krew welcomed a new member this morning! We’re excited to have Cash join the Kicks 99 family, and you can get to know him in today’s Krewcast here: https://t.co/ZKzbqmDLkW

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