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TJ AND JESSICA FB POLL OF THE DAY: There have been a lot of home and car break-ins lately. Have you ever had someone break into your car or house? What did they take? Did you catch them?

Croatia VS France today for the whole enchilada! World Cup Final going down in just a little bit!

Who do you have winning it all? https://t.co/vl2pV7ZdkI

If you see a preview for a movie you're interested in, do you read the reviews before you go see it?

Do the reviews sometimes stop you from going to see the movie?

Thomas says reviews are hot garbage. Form your own opinion!

Let us help make your special day happen for you on 8.18.18!!! https://t.co/RGfeeuZEd6

The first 92 people to buy tickets will get them for just $9.25, after that tickets will go up to $15! Don't wait!!

Get ready to get Country weird with the Kickin' Crew and Jordan Davis!!!! https://t.co/ZYb5pLLsTU

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