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TJ AND JESSICA FB POLL OF THE DAY: Business Insider claims Samsung is delaying the release of their $2,000 foldable smartphone. The Galaxy Fold broke when reviewers tried to use it. In some cases, the screen... https://www.facebook.com/925KickinCountry/posts/2393270784037003

TJ AND JESSICA FB POLL OF THE DAY: What's the most hilariously embarrassing thing your kindergarten-age child ever said or did in public?

TJ AND JESSICA FB POLL OF THE DAY: Carrie Underwood tweeted, "Just referred to my time in the dentist’s chair when they give me the gas as 'me time.' I really need a spa day or a night out or something!"

Moms, where do you hide or go to for “me time”?

TJ AND JESSICA FB POLL OF THE DAY: http://Nj.com claims a woman from Turnersville, New Jersey is being hailed as a hero for returning $2,500. Norman Minor was shopping at Walmart when he dropped an envelope full of... https://www.facebook.com/925KickinCountry/posts/2384701751560573

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