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The Daily Record claims two divers recently encountered a 20-foot great white shark while diving off the coast of Hawaii. The divers were able to videotape the shark, which they named Deep Blue. Shark experts... https://t.co/drub0EZpbG

TJ AND JESSICA FB POLL OF THE DAY: So many people have asked Google "Can you eat a flamingo" that it pops up as the second suggestion when you enter "Can you eat a…”!
So we want to know, what’s the weirdest meat you have put in your mouth!?

Words that will put money in your pocket! Next chance is tomorrow morning with TJ & Jessica @ 6am! https://t.co/5KPRWQtuag

Not like the Solar eclipse experience we had in the Lowcountry but still pretty cool. Check it out. https://t.co/KTAwhLckYP

Do you think the technology helps or distracts our kids while in school? https://t.co/LNg5Auc5N9

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