“Kickin’ 92.5”
Studio Request Line: (843) 972-1125
Website: http://925kickincountry.com
Format: Country
Charleston, South Carolina

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Thomas @ Night FB Poll:

A new survey by reveals that it takes the average person six months to fall in love with a partner, but only 30 minutes to fall in love with a pet.

How long did it take you to drop the... https://t.co/EJzL2aS9Og

Join us on Thursday 5:30p-7p, to try the new beer! Plus we're getting you registered for Kenny Chesney, Volvo Car Open tickets and other great prizes! https://t.co/jcrKjCNC4N

Now THIS will make you a little cautious next time you sit down... https://t.co/y64Bi53S8w

We're about to take a page out of Hardy's book and get 'Rednecker'!

Don't miss the party May 18th with Morgan & Hardy! Tix here. https://t.co/zHjMLHssjd

Congratulations B & D! So very deserved! https://t.co/04qHQOY5eQ

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