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#1 surprised CHUCK

1. The word "synonym" has two synonyms: Poecilonym (pee cil oh nihm) and polyonym (pol ee oh nihm).

2. Elephants, walruses, bats, lizards, penguins, and monkeys all pleasure themselves.

3.... https://t.co/8ZFbcAJSLZ

Feel and sound smarter! CHUCK

1. Fruit snacks are covered in the same wax as cars.

2. There was only one guy who survived the atomic bombings in both Hiroshima AND Nagasaki. His name is Tsutomu Yamaguchi and he... https://t.co/AqJzQ6u0vr

How bout this?? Love, Chuck

1) Space Invaders is the highest grossing arcade game of all time.
2) An official flag of France will have more RED in it than blue and/or white.
3) There is a prison wall in St. Cloud,... https://t.co/ZHeOiEqSyp

Droppin knowledge!

1. Smokey the Bear's official name is just Smokey Bear . . . no "the."

2. The Dream Team at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona was the one with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird . . .... https://t.co/b6EQKMayIm

Bird Box?? What could those entities have said to make you lose the blindfold? For CHUCK..."Hey Chuck, we got smores!"

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