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Random facts from your random station:

Cancer was originally called crabs. When Hippocrates found cancer in patients in ancient Greece, he thought it looked like crabs. That was eventually translated to "cancer" by... https://t.co/JDdDh6UbXT

Roy Clark, Country Music Legend and 'Hee Haw' Host Dead at 85 https://t.co/wvWGcpyGiH

A little knowledge to lay on your friends today!

1. Mike Myers threatened to quit "Wayne's World" because the producers wanted to use a Guns N' Roses song in the famous car headbanging scene instead of "Bohemian... https://t.co/w4AHK0fYWJ

The last few weeks CHUCK's set listeners up with tickets to see Blues Traveler, Collective Soul, The Scottish Games, The Coastal Carolina Fair, and FRONT ROW TICKETS to Daughtry last night! Get in on the WINNING and sign up for CHUCK's Cheat Sheet... https://t.co/VBxjQ9q6gz

The Magic 8 Ball, the card game Uno and pinball machines are this year's inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame. CHUCKs favorite toy growing up was a wiffle ball and bat (the skinny yellow one). What's Yours?

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