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Factoids from CHUCK, who's never had his number retired!

1. The number of dead people on Facebook should outnumber the living people on Facebook within 50 years.

2. Michael Jackson composed some of the music for... https://www.facebook.com/1017chuckfm/posts/2576497349051118

Chuck's conversation starters for this weekend's parties!
1. About 80% of tweets come from about 10% of users.

2. The Buick LaCrosse was renamed the Allure when it debuted in Canada in 2004 . . . because in... https://www.facebook.com/1017chuckfm/posts/2567259413308245

Fill your head with this! CHUCK'S is.

1. There's a phenomenon called the "Ikea Effect" . . . where you feel better about buying something if you have to put it together.

2. Virginia is the biggest state,... https://www.facebook.com/1017chuckfm/posts/2565560526811467

Today is "Plan Your Epitaph Day" CHUCK's will say: Played Hard, Played Everything, Grinning The Whole Time! How bout yours??

CHUCK's curious:
National Beer Day is Sunday. The Beer Institute recently asked 1,159 people, who they would like to share a beer with.
"What famous person would you like to share a beer with and what would you ask them?''

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