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Did you know? CHUCK didnt!

1. Ricky Gervais was in a new wave group in the 1980s called Seona Dancing . . . and they actually had a song called "More to Lose" that was a huge hit in the Philippines.

2. The Hard... https://t.co/GR99f8SxXC

#4...Lincoln didnt have time for law school cause he was hunting vampires...CHUCK saw it on a documentary!

1. Mel Brooks was a combat engineer in World War Two and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He got into... https://t.co/5UuW4peeI3

It's National Pi day...as in 3.14 and on and on. Experts say these are the U.S.'s favorite pies...CHUCK's is chocolate. And yours is???

pumpkin 36%
pecan 17%
apple 14%
sweet potato 10%
chocolate 9%
lemon meringue 4%
cherry 3%
blueberry 3%
strawberry 2%

CHUCK's droppin knowledge! #4 makes me think Sponge Bob's the same thing!

1. No one's sure exactly which place in New Orleans was the inspiration for "House of the Rising Sun". There are theories it's a hotel,... https://t.co/xeh79xM8ew

Give it up for Darius and Jaheim from Ashley Ridge High school! C of C stepped up to give them both scholarships as they want to be teachers! https://t.co/2BLLK2Q7L6

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