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What is Tim's big secret? Why was Jennifer's daughter not strapped into her car seat? Why can't Darcey wear sensible shoes? Why didn't Tom put those sheets in the washing machine (or at least soak them) when he got the bloody nose? #90DayFiance @90DayCray https://t.co/xEBG3sjPpH

If you watch @90DayFiance Before the 90 Days on TLC here’s what happened when we called Aloha Nails to ask some questions about Caesar! https://t.co/aUuimduD7t #podcast #TV #RealityTV #90DayFiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #90dayfiancebefore90days

Any #90DayFiance watchers? This morning Megan and J called Aloha Nails to get some questions about Caesar answered... https://t.co/i7JFVpFjGg

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