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A preschool in Massachusetts has sparked outrage with one parent after banning the term “best friend.”

A Mom says her four-year-old daughter came home from the preschool... https://t.co/8o0L9Ilr8A

Did A Preschool In Massachusetts Ban The Phrase “Best Friend”? https://t.co/8o0L9Ilr8A @wbz

NYC Postman Arrested After Years Of Undelivered Mail Is Discovered. https://t.co/depaWlPk0E @CBSNewYork

This Week's Video Of The Week! @U2 "Get Out Of Your Own Way" from Last Year's @MTV Europe Music Awards! https://t.co/dj7EinWhkJ @mtvema

A teen in North Carolina was in the middle of a game of #Fortnite on Sunday when a TORNADO ripped through his neighborhood.

He says he started to hear a lot... https://t.co/8yVL3oG2eO

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